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tremendous mountain chains.6 Even with an environment that seems conducive to the socialist revolution, the final goal required a significant amount of time and effort.

These efforts included passing through each Historical stage, such as feudalism and capitalism, with the exception of slavery, on its way to the socialist utopian end. The move to a supranational structure, one where there was only one language and no nation-states, took place several hundred years ago, according to Menni.7 This suggests that even under ideal conditions, those that exist on Mars, the workers' utopian state takes an incredibly long time to realize. This might shock those who had hoped for an immediate socialist revolution in 1905. Bogdanov argues for the elimination of these high hopes partly because of the disastrous consequences when initial failure is met. Instead, people should be working and thinking for the long-term and accept the work ahead.

This work would not stop with The Revolution according to Bogdanov. Even after the "socialist revolution" had been realized, the Martians faced a continuing fight, this one against nature. Enno makes it clear that

"there cannot be peace with the natural elements. Even a victory over such a foe can pose a new threat. During the most recent period of our history we have intensified the exploitation of the planet tenfold, our population is growing, and our needs are increasing even faster. The danger of exhausting our natural resources and energy has repeatedly confronted various branches of our industry. Thus far we have overcome it without having to resort to what we regard to be the repugnant alternative of shortening the life span of present and coming generations but at this very movement the struggle has become particularly acute."8

Here Enno presents Leonid with the shocking truth of the Martian situation. The Martians were not finished with their revolutionary struggles, would never finish with their revolutionary struggles, and were facing death even after their revolutionary

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