Crystal Eastman, "Lecture: Professor Sicilia Discusses September 11th"


We also discussed the nature of war with Afghanistan. Sicilia mentioned the difficulty of waging a war against Afghanistan because it has no constitution or stable government. Afghanistan has group factions against group factions, and the United Nations recognizes just one faction. It is not a country by our standard definition, so against whom would we be striking? "This is where history really matters," says Sicilia. We cannot fail to understand the history and culture of the region the way we did with South East Asia during the Vietnam War. The American government must also try to understand the causes of anti-U.S. sentiment in the region.

According to Professor Sicilia, perhaps the most striking detail of the whole situation is that in many ways the "fundamental nature of conflict has changed. It is not associated with nation-states and official declarations of War." It is ambiguous-and more so than the Cold War where our enemy was more overt. Terrorists are covert and they can operate in any country. Just how exactly will this global war be waged?

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