William Cummings, "New York Times Reactions to the
Election of Salvador Allende"


dominant private interests to get their message across to the public."2 Given this model's assertion that "the media giants, advertising agencies, and great multinational corporations have a joint and close interest in a favorable climate of investment in the Third World,"3 one would expect U.S. newspapers to be extremely critical of Salvador Allende, a Marxist threatening to nationalize over $500-million worth of U.S. corporations' investment in Chile.4 Indeed, in perhaps the only essay to focus specifically on U.S. media reactions to Allende's election, John C. Pollock and David Eisenhower assert that, "U.S. newspapers clearly reflect the hostility manifested by the U.S. Government and some U.S. corporations toward the first elected socialist government in our hemisphere."5 This essay will explore the extent to which such hostility was reflected in the New York Times, generally considered the U.S. paper of record, within articles and editorials on events in Chile between the September 4 election and Allende's inauguration on November 4, 1970.

The first New York Times editorial on Allende appeared on August 27, 1970, just over a week before the election, titled "Chile on the Tightrope." The editors wrote that the effect of an Allende victory "on Chile and throughout the Americas-would be cataclysmic. It would enhance immeasurably the standing and influence of Fidel Castro" and "would plunge United States prestige in the Americas to its lowest point in the modern history of the inter-American system."6 In addition, the Times editorialized, it would "administer a coup de grace" to the Alliance for Progress, and perceptively

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