William Cummings, "New York Times Reactions to the
Election of Salvador Allende"


best resigned to a hard future, and at worst in a state of utter panic. In at least one case the Times was guilty of outright distortion when it reported on October 18 that the cost of living in Chile had risen another 2.7% in September, as further evidence of economic trouble. What they failed to mention was that the cost of living rose more than 32% in the first three quarters of 1970.25

"Chilean Coal Miners Await Allende's Rule Hopefully" by Joseph Novitski, was the only article to appear in the New York Times in the two months between the election and Allende's inauguration that focused on working-class support for the UP, despite the fact that the majority of Allende's votes had come from this demographic. Indeed, Novitski writes that "the miners and the unemployed in the chronically depressed coal-mining region...were a basic element in Dr. Allende's victory at the polls," and that "they voted heavily for him and for the Marxist program that his coalition...has proposed."26 Novitski points to a 37 percent pay increase won by the miners' "Communist-led union," the long history of such communist leadership, and the workers' faith in Allende's promises of increased production and full employment, as explanations for their support of the UP. Yet, Novitski also writes that "unswerving support of Allende is not typical of all organized labor," and that the miners of the Chuquicamata copper mine "are perhaps worried about their future under a government that has promised to nationalize Chile's largest copper mines."27 While such concern likely did exist among many Chuquicamata workers, by failing to tell the reader that Allende received well over half of the vote at

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