William Cummings, "New York Times Reactions to the
Election of Salvador Allende"


of the public-information operations of large governments and corporate bureaucracies that constitute the primary news sources is vast and ensures special access to the media."58 

Yet, not everything printed in the New York Times shared the U.S. Government's hostility to Allende. For example, a noticeably more moderate editorial stance was adopted following Schneider's assassination when the Times wrote that "there are grounds for hope that democracy can survive in Chile, despite its sharp turn to the left."59 Three letters to the editor were also printed, calling for less impassioned reactions to Allende's election. The first such letter, by David S. Luft, criticized the Times September 6 editorial, stating that "it is unimaginable that such a disquieted editorial would have greeted a conservative victory in Chile...you offer nothing of substance to justify your fears for Chile." "Most troubling though," he added, "is the implication not only that a violent take-over by the left...might have justified intervention, but that in the case of this legal election, the wisdom of our intervention is even a debatable issue."60  On September 28, 1970, a letter from Robert J. Alexander, author of Communism in Latin America, said, "Much of what has been written and said about the recent victory of Salvador Allende...has seemed more the product of emotion than cold analysis of the facts."61 The third letter decried the message given by Kissinger at the Chicago press briefing. The author called for the U.S. to "respect the decision made by Chileans in an honest election."62 Additionally, the New York Times printed one article that consisted almost entirely of direct quotes from Allende, in which he was able to point to Chile's levels o

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