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-Ian McKay

which includes the subtitle, "as it was acted by His Majesty's subjects of Scotland, in the King of Spain's province of Darien."35

English efforts at hindering the project began when the Scottish were looking for investors. The English Parliament forbade all Englishmen from investing in the venture, and then even threatened the city of Hamburg if anyone there invested, after Scottish merchants went to the city to raise capital.36 By cutting off the supply of investors, the English Parliament hoped to stop the venture before it ever got off the ground. But most harmful was that England's Parliament forbade any English merchant, or merchant from any of England's colonies, from trading with or supplying the colony at Darien.37 This doomed any attempt of getting help for the failing colony, as the major powers in the region, England and Spain, were united against it.38

The failure of the colony, and England's involvement particularly, made a very profound impression on Scotland. It was said that England harbored a "hatred of the Scottish Nation," and that "some People in England are justly chargeable with the ruin of that colony."39 What really hurt the Scots was that, despite the centuries of warfare and animosity, they thought the English would at worst treat them neutrally now that they had the same sovereign. The Company of Scotland petitioned William to end the restriction of that trade England had put on their colony by writing that the English policies, "… have been Fatal Consequence to our Company and Colony, and consequently to the Interests of all Your Majesty's good Subjects in the Kingdom."40

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