Spring 2011:

Articles for consideration are due March 7, 2011. An exception will be made for papers being completed for the Fall 2010 semester, as in the 208 and 408 classes. Please contact for more details. See submissions for more information.



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Editorial Board

Megan Eng is a junior pursuing a double-degree in Anthropology and History, with concentrations in Cultural Anthropology and U.S. History. She is a University Honors student, and is currently doing research on the newly launched Semester on Peace. In her spare time, Megan loves spending time with family and friends. Janus editor since Fall 2009.

Robyn Gaugelet is a sophomore currently double-majoring in Government and Politics and History, and a participant in the History Honors Program and CIVICUS. Janus editor since Fall 2009.

Ryan Murphy is sophomore History major with a concentration in Eastern European and Russian history. He is a double major in Operations Management and is working on minors in Arabic and Russian studies. On top of that, he participates in the Honors Program in History, the QUEST fellows program, and the CIVICUS living and learning program. Janus editor since Fall 2009.

Elisabeth Oehrlein is a sophomore double majoring in History and Germanic Studies. She is particularly interested in the WWII German resistance movement and post-war Germany. On campus, Elisabeth is also involved in Global Communities, the Language House, History Undergraduate Association, and is working towards becoming a Trip Leader for the Outdoor Recreation Center. She also enjoys attending lectures at the German Historical Institute and the AICGS. Janus editor since Fall 2009.

Rachel Rosen is a senior with a double major in History (American) and Government & Politics (International Relations). She has also completed the Honors Humanities program and currently works at the National Archives and Records Administration. Janus editor since Fall 2007.

Chiara Tanzi is a sophomore with a double major in History and Romance Languages and a minor in International Development and Conflict Management. She is especially interested in modern Latin American and European history. Chiara is in the midst of completing a final project on global higher education for the Honors Humanities program, and she hopes to attempt to learn more languages, like Polish and Brazilian Portuguese. Janus editor since Spring 2009.

Former Editors

Tom Decker - History/English. History Departmental Honors and Honors Humanities Citation. Fall 2005-Spring 2008.

James Poisal - History (concentration: U.S.). 2006-Spring 2008.

Natasha Raikar - History (concentation: U.S.). Fall 2005-Spring 2008.

Alik Simantov - History (concentration: Middle Eastern and Jewish)/Linguistics (Arabic language track), Spanish minor. Spring 2007-Spring 2008.

Alison Syring - History (concentration: Twentieth Century, Europe). Fall 2005-Spring 2008.

Allison Jai O'Dell - History/Classics (concentration Ancient History)

Joe Dutka- Senior: History/Economics (concentration East Asian History)

Morgan Hubbard - History (concentration Military/Diplomatic History), citation Philosophy

Jaemie Drake - History/Chinese Language (concentration East Asian History)

Will Cummings (Fall 2000 -Fall 2001)
Honors Thesis for History: "'El compañero presidente': Social Memory and Popular Representations of Former Chilean President Salvador Allende."

Crystal Eastman (Fall 2000 - Spring 2002)
Honors Thesis for History: "Constructing the Dominican Republic:
Trujillo, Modernity, and Institutionalized Anti-Haitianism,

Jason Koepke (Fall 2000- Spring 2001)

Magda Kuchudakis (Fall 2000- Spring 2001)

Federico Sor (Fall 2000 - Spring 2001)

Marisabel Villagomez (Fall 2000 - Spring 2001)

Sara Vins (Fall 2001- Spring 2002)

Nick Wilson - Sociology
Honors Thesis for Sociology: "'They Smiled and Worked On': War, Modernity,
Charismatic Authority, Representation, and T. E. Lawrence"

Megan Brady - History (concentration in Russian & Eastern European history)
Honors Thesis for History: "Petri"

Hallet Brazelton - History (concentration in Russian & Eastern European history) and Government and Politics (concentration in Political Theory &
Intl. Relations)Honors Thesis

Emily Candela - History (concentration in Russian & Eastern European history)

Tom Goldstein - History (concentration in German & Central European history) and Government and Politics; Honors Thesis for History:
"East German Intellectuals and the Crisis of Communism: Hermann Kant, Christa Wolf, and Joachim Gauck and the Collapse of the GDR"

Susan Elizabeth Skelly - graduate advisor (BA in History:
Russian & Eastern European focus)

Jennifer Sligland - History (concentration in American history) and Journalism