Submission Deadlines:

Spring 2011:

Articles for consideration are due March 7, 2011. An exception will be made for papers being completed for the Spring 2011 semester, as in the 208 and 408 classes. Please contact for more details. See submissions for more information.



History Dept Calendar

Submission Requirements

Place three paper copies of the submission in the Janus mailbox located in the Department of History's Mail Room, 2114 Key Hall. Please do not include your name or personal information on the submission itself – this ensures objectivity. An additional page should include your contact information: name, telephone number, title of the submission, and email address. In addition, citations in the submission must be consistent with Chicago/Turabian, a shorthand for the Chicago Manual of Style and Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations.

Essays: We accept historiographical essays as well as articles based on primary sources. Essays on history must include at least one primary source, but the use of additional ones as well as secondary sources is encouraged. In historiographical essays, the author should analyze at least one secondary source and discuss its argumentation, methodology, and place it within the different theoretical schools of historical debate. It is suggested that at least one additional secondary source be included to provide a contrasting point of view.

Book and Film Reviews: Each submission should include a summary and analysis of the book or film. Reviews are not limited to history books or films; anything may be reviewed as long as it is analyzed from an historical perspective. In the past, for example, students have written reviews of academic lectures and other history-related events on campus and in D.C.